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Imagine the way all of those roses smell when the bags have been opened. The sweet honey smell must be so utterly overwhelming!

Bulgarian rose is one of the main ingredients in MAINE. We use an absolute – a thicker, more concentrated version in which the oil gives it a waxy texture. There are some lemon-y top notes to the Bulgarian rose and I prefer this rose to others because of the powdery finish and soft trail it leaves.

I’m so excited for the candles, I can hardly stand it! Turns out, candle making is a long process though. In January, I had the most awesome intern ever, Kate. She was on winter break from Harvard (so you know she’s a smartie). I asked her to do some candle research – popular brands and their scents, prices, packaging, etc. Kate made a candle document that I will live by.

The thing about candles and line extensions in general, is that I only make perfume – alcohol and oil based liquid perfume. Candles are a whole other beast, with wax, wicks, and ingredients specific to candle-making. I actually learned a bit how to make candles in school in France but I don’t feel the confidence to make candles on a large (semi-large? small?) scale. This is my first foray into managing a project rather than doing every step myself.

Here we are in April and I’ve just gotten the first sample back from our Brooklyn candle manufacturer. !!! I had the flu all last week and don’t quite trust my nose yet so I have yet to burn the candle to see if it matches up. I chose four scents from the line to turn into candles – I’m keeping them a secret for now though I guess it’s pretty obvious from the picture above MAINE is one of them.

Gift sets are back! With the recent onslaught of beautiful 70 degree days, we thought this might be a nice time to introduce our Spring/Summer Gift Set. Three of our most popular perfume oils – MAINE, GARDEN, and PHOENIX – packaged together sweetly in a muslin bag, for a special price of $99 ($135) value.

MAINE: Bulgarian rose absolute, local clary sage, wild Somalian myrhh and French seaweed absolute convey the fresh scents of sea, air, sun, pine, and the discovery of a single perfect beach plum rose.

GARDEN: With essential oils of red thyme, myrtle, lavender, lemon and bitter orange, and a drydown of warm oakmoss.

PHOENIX: With top notes of peach and cherry blossom, gradually giving way to sturdy Tunisian neroli and a light, powdery vanilla.


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