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whitneybickers10-1Whitney opened the boutique Myrtle in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2011 and has been an avid supporter of MCMC ever since. With a focuses on female designers, the shop carries brands like Ermie, Mary Meyer and Samantha Pleet. I’m hoping 2013 is the year I get to visit LA and if so, Myrtle is on my list!

Name: Whitney Bickers

Occupation: Shop Owner, Myrtle

Hometown: Westerville, OH

Where do you currently reside?: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite MCMC fragrance: On myself I like HUNTER, but in the air, I love LOVE! I frequently add a drop or two to the water when I’m steaming clothes here at the shop.

When did you first start wearing perfume? What fragrance was it?: The first fragrance I remember having was a wax perfume that came in a plastic locket with a Barbie doll; I loved it and always wanted something like it. I finally tracked down a grown-up version in Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her, which really makes me laugh. The first perfume I ever bought for myself was Red Jeans at the Versace store in Venice, Italy. I was in high school and I felt SO sophisticated!

If you were a plant, what would you be?: I am one of three girls and when I was a kid, we had three trees in the front yard. The Bradford Pear was “mine” and that’s probably fitting because the fruit is tiny.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?: Butter and eggs (I love to bake) and leftover pizza (bf’s fave)

Three words that describe you: Night-owl, clothes-horse, worry-wart


Susannah came by my studio last year wearing an awesome large brimmed hat and told me about Freda, the new shop she opened in Marfa, TX. I’ve always wanted to visit Marfa and then she told me about all of the hot springs in the region – sold! A special piece of trivia: there is only one perfume brand sold in all of Marfa, and it’s MCMC at Freda. 

Name: Susannah Lipsey

Occupation: Shop Owner, Freda

Hometown: Bryan, TX

Where do you currently reside?: Marfa, TX

Favorite MCMC fragrance: I can’t choose just one! Dude No. 1, HUNTER, and NOBLE.

When did you first start wearing perfume? What fragrance was it?: I started wearing perfume when I was in Junior High. I think it was Happy by Clinique and then Calvin Klein’s CK1. Mall purchases – yikes!

If you were a plant, what would you be?: These days, probably a yucca.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?: Marfa Maid goat cheese, avocados, eggs, and Oregon Chai latte

Three words that describe you: Honest, expressive, perceptive


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