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sandy1sandy2sandy3sandy4sandy5sandy6GARDEN_perfumeoil_1A bit belated, but when Hurricane Sandy hit the NY area last month, it wreaked havoc on the Ananda Harvest. 150 trees fell across the entirety of the property, damaging fences, and creating  huge clean-up and restoration expenses. The GARDEN fragrance was created to benefit the Ananda Harvest, and since Sandy, MCMC has donated $1,200 to their relief efforts.

The Ananda Harvest is a farming initiative upstate, in the town of Monroe. Run by a loose organization of friends, anyone is invited to visit, learn about farming and sustainability, and lend a hand throughout the growing season. A variety of vegetables are grown in the garden – sugar snap peas, kale, garlic, lettuce, hot peppers, tomatoes.  Local high school kids have been invited to visit and learn about farming and nutrition, and the goal is for the garden to sustain a local ashram and yoga center.

On a related sidenote, NY Heartwoods has been using trees felled by Sandy to fill a demand for local wood products.

Thanks to all the people who wrote in with used laptops to donate to the Rainbow Orphanage.  It looks like we successfully have 4 in our possession. It’d be wonderful to take just one more. If you’ve got one you’re able to give, write to me at and we’ll arrange for shipping to Brooklyn (and onward from there on our backs!)

The photos above are of Lisel, whose laptop we picked up this morning in Brooklyn Heights, and Susan, whose is on the way. Susan (with the curly hair, back center) runs an after school group in San Diego called the Social Action Group. The young ladies in the group knitted 35 squares into a quilt to give to HIV/AIDS orphans in South Africa.


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